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  Trivalent Plating
  Trivalent Plating
  Trivalent Chromium is the environmental friendly version
of chromate. There is an industry push to use chromates that are hexavalent-free.
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  Black Oxide
  Black Oxide Coating
  Black Oxide coating improves visual quality and produces smoother parts. This is great for tooling & close tolerance parts, since there is no coating build up on the surface.
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  Electroless Nickel
  Electroless Nickel
  Electroless nickel is not only used to provide corrosion protection, but also for wear resistance, to provide solderability, & enhance the performance.
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  Quality Plating Co.,Inc is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company and abides by all standards set forth by their regulations. Click on the logo to view our ISO certificate.
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