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      Protective Coating
Zinc Plating
Zinc Plating is a high performance coating, most commonly used to ensure superior protection & a slower corrosion rate.
This finish is very popular for fasteners used for electrical grounding or when good conductivity is a requirement.
Zinc Plating
Electroless Nickel
This coating can be used in many fields where a hard, corrosion resistant finish is required. A major advantage of the process is that it is possible to coat the whole surface of an item evenly, including internals, unlike electrolytic processes which have difficulty depositing into recessed and internal areas and can result in excessive build-ups on points, corners, etc.
Electroless nickel plating
Trivalent Plating
The U.S. automotive industry is in the process of elimination of hexavalent chromate. Hexavalent chromium is considered a hazardous substance ( toxic & carcinogenic ), however, not all forms of chromium are hazardous to humans. Trivalent chromium is actually an essential nutrient that aids the body to use sugars, proteins, and fat.
Trivalent plating
Passivation dissolves any embedded or smeared iron pickup up on the surface by immersing the metal in a nitric acid solution with oxidizing salts. This restores the original corrosion resistant surface by forming a thin transparent
oxide film.
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